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Lewis Moulds

Yahoo Overtakes Google in US for Monthly Website Traffic

YahooThe most recent website traffic figures for the US have just been released, and in what may come as something as a surprise, Yahoo has overtaken Google.

According to internet analytics company comScore, websites owned by Yahoo attracted just over 196.5 million unique visitors in the US throughout the month of July, compared to Google’s 192 million.

This is the first time since May 2011 that Yahoo has overtaken Google for unique visitors to its websites, and has surprised even the most knowledgeable industry analysts.

Indeed, Yahoo has experienced a 21 per cent gain in unique visitors compared to July of last year, when it placed third behind Google and Microsoft. To put this in perspective, Google’s unique visitors for July are up by less than one per cent on the same month last year.

However, these figures merely point to the number of visitors to each of the various websites that each company owns, and does not offer a representation of how many unique visitors used their search engines.

Although, it should also be noted that these figures do not include Tumblr, the social networking site which Yahoo acquired last year, and pulled in over 38 million unique visitors of its own in July.

Third place in the list is Microsoft, with their websites attracting 179 million unique visitors last month, followed by Facebook in fourth with 142 million, and AOL holding up the top five with 117 million visitors.

Are you surprised at these figures? Do you think Yahoo could start to rival Google? Or is Google just too far ahead for any of its competitors to gain any significant ground?

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