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Google Now Expands with Concert Tix and TV Reminders

googlenowsplash-600x330Search leader Google has expanded Google Now, the site’s predictive search service to provide helpful information on car rentals, concert tickets and much more.

The new cards which have been added to Google Now will allow search users to set reminders for TV shows, release dates of new books and albums, during their search activity.

Google Now is effectively a personal assistant, available within Google and developed exclusively by the company for its users. The idea is to provide customers with useful information via cards, and this information is presented to Google Now users throughout the day, when they need it, without them having to ask for it.

The latest Google Now update only currently applies to the Android version of Google Now and Google announced the update on its Android page on Google+. Car rental reservations are presented as a card to ensure that you don’t miss your pick up time. The card presents all of the information you need, including your booking number.

If you’ve bought tickets for a concert and have that ticket in your Gmail, Google Now will display your e-ticket automatically when you are near to the venue at the time of the event. This is a really cool feature, but it’s not the only way that Google+ is plugging into our interests and entertainment.

While information on TV was already available, the TV card has been updated to provide more information and news about your favourite shows; if you let it listen to the programme that you’re watching Google+ will even provide you with further information about things like the music which is playing during the show.

If you’re using Google to look up your favourite shows, films, movie stars, filmmakers and musicians, Google Now will allow you to set reminders to alert you of new episodes of shows and release dates of music, movies and more.

So, Google isn’t just your search engine of choice, it’s your friend and doesn’t want you to miss your favourite shows. Are you actively using Google Now? Tell us how it makes your life easier.


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