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New Google Adwords Report Brings Organic and Paid Query Data Together

google-adwordsGoogle has launched a brand new Paid & Organic report in AdWords, which allows advertisers to view data on their organic and paid search performance simultaneously.

Users will now be able to see just how their organic search and paid search performance are affecting one another, which is a major development for anybody who feels bogged down in SEO and PPC reporting.

The all new Google AdWords report will provide query performance information when an organic listing was displayed, and the same information when both organic and paid ads were displayed. Click through and impression data for both listings can be viewed at once, meaning it couldn’t be simpler to see how the popularity of a paid listing adversely affected the organic link, or vice versa.

Don’t use paid search? You’ll still be able to access the new AdWords report and check on your organic listings, and all of the relevant information will still be displayed. Don’t use Google Analytics? That’s not a problem either, because all of the data used to populate the report is pulled from Google Webmaster Tools.

If you use Google AdWords and Webmaster Tools, simply link your accounts and you’ll be able to enjoy the new combined reports.


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