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Next Android Operating System to be Named… Lollipop?

The next version of the Google Android mobile operating system will be called Google Lollipop. Not officially, of course, but that is the result of a HitSearch Survey to determine what the name could be; based on the alphabetical formula the brand always uses when coming up with its tasty sweet-themed monikers.

Last week, we revealed that the brand new Android OS would be named KitKat, in an exclusive partnership between Google and Nestle, the Swiss confectionary brand who produce the chocolate bars.

The move follows the Android tradition of naming their mobile operating systems after confectionary treats, in an alphabetical order. Previous versions of the OS include Cupcake, Donut, and the most recent version before KitKat, Jelly Bean.

If this tradition continues, then the next letter in the Android OS collection will be L, and this got HitSearch to thinking; what will the next Android operating system be called?

We put the question out there, putting forth a range of sweet-themed suggestions for the next Android OS name, and over a thousand people responded with their thoughts.

Next Android OS Name

Nearly half of the respondents, 46 per cent, said that they thought Lollipop was the most likely suggestion for the name of the next Android OS update.

As for the alternative options, 28 per cent of respondents leaned towards Android Liquorice, while 17 per cent believed that Google may choose the name Android Lemon Meringue Pie.

Although this may prove to be a bit of a mouthful, the general consensus is that Google will stick to its sweet approach to OS names, as just seven per cent of respondents thought that the company would take a healthier approach, and name its next OS Lettuce Leaves.

Do you agree? Does Android Lollipop have a credible ring to it? Or do you have any other ideas as to which confectionary Google will adopt for naming its next OS? Will it be a branded sweet with a corporate tie-up, like KitKat? Let us know in the comments.


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