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Facebook Ads – Bigger and Better

fac£ebookFacebook Ads will now feature larger and more prominent images as the social network rolls out the latest update to its advertising platform.

The emphasis is on making ads more visually arresting, by allowing advertisers to make use of larger images, on larger ad canvasses. But steps have also been taken to simplify the upload process; making ad specifications consistent across desktop and mobile.

Advertisers taking advantage of the Facebook ads service, had previously been required to upload multiple image sizes for different ad placements. Now, images will appear larger on the page and only one version of the image will need to be uploaded.

Similarly, as ad images have increased in size, so have the overall ad canvasses, meaning that advertisers are bidding for more real estate on the page, and have the opportunity to create bigger, better ads.

Facebook is becoming a more and more viable outlet for advertisers, which marks a shift in attitude from a couple of years ago, when the site was haemorrhaging advertisers and struggling to justify the concrete benefits of their ad space.

One of the big questions from advertisers was: what is a ‘like’ really worth. Now, in addition to Facebook Like ads which prompt users to give a product the blue thumbs up, Facebook offers Page Post Link ads which redirect users to the advertiser’s website. Since the update these ads are three and a half times bigger than before.

Andrew Donaldson, Director of HitSearch said: "With the latest update to Facebook ad specifications, the site becomes a much more important paid advertising platform.

"Facebook is starting to really prove the worth of its ads, which offers similar targeting levels to that of Google’s paid listings. Clearly, the next generation Facebook ads will offer much more appeal, and help advertisers to attract the right interest to meet their goals. Helping to streamline the ad creation process will not hurt either.

"As a result, expect to see more and more advertisers turn to Facebook, and commit more of their ad budgets to the site."

Are you a fan of the new look Facebook ads? Will the makeover be enough to attract you to the platform? Are you already a big fan? Let us know in the comments.


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