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Lewis Moulds

Bing Update Improves Layout and Optimises for Mobile and Tablet


new-bing-logoSearch engine Microsoft Bing has announced an update which will improve the layout of the search page, optimise the site for multiple devices and introduce a number of new features; not least a brand new logo.

In branding terms, Bing is being brought further in line with Microsoft’s other products and devices.

In terms of functionality, the changes are intended to deliver information to the user more quickly, and make it more useful, as the company bids to make the service an even more competitive rival to the industry leader Google.

If successful, this will have a direct effect on the paid advertising industry, encouraging PPC managers to focus more spend on Bing.

Bing has introduced a new look snapshot to the right of the traditional search results, which combines the old snapshot and the social results which had previously existed beneath them. These results reside below the snapshot information within the same prominent framework.

The improved layout is simpler and manages to offer more room to the original search engine results to the left, and the snapshot to the right; which is reminiscent of the Google Knowledge Graph.

An entirely new feature is Page Zero, which presents the user with a number of deep links to commonly sought information based on the initial search input. The Page Zero functionality works just as well from the home page as the search results pages. This is intended to help users to find the information that they need as quickly as possible.

Pole Position is another new addition which allows the search engine to prominently display information when it can be confident that this is what the user is looking for. This information can take the form of images, graphs, or other information displayed prominently below the search bar and before the search listings; a significant change then, but not one which is currently visible on a lot of search results. Not for now at least!

Bing results are set to vary greatly from one device to another; and not simply in terms of the size and shape of the page, but also the context. For example, Bing SERPS on a tablet will be presented in a much more touch friendly context than the desktop results. New pages might differ greatly from device to device, but with the same goal in mind: a better visual, and a more ‘human’ user experience.

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