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Yahoo! comments on BlueLithium purchase

Yahoo! comments on BlueLithium purchase

The Yahoo! publisher blog commented on the recent purchase of BlueLithium.

"As you may recall, we recently finalized our acquisition of Right Media, one of the fastest growing display ad networks and clearing houses for publisher ad inventory. If you haven't looked into Right Media's DMX product yet, you should definitely do so. It's a must-do for publishers looking to enhance revenue.

Display advertising is great, but there's more to cover. "Performance marketing" is one of the fastest growing fields online. Performance marketing, sometimes called "direct response," drives specific transactions, such as getting a certain lead or the sale of an individual product or service.

BlueLithium will bring Yahoo! a ton of expertise in performance marketing and targeting, as well as valuable new audiences. We'll be able to drive performance-based campaigns both on the Yahoo! network and off.

For publishers, this will eventually mean more options and flexibility, as well as the possibility of new opportunities for revenue. "

A clear indication that Yahoo! is interesting in products that can provide performanced based marketing. Look for Yahoo! spending spree to continue as it grows its network.

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