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MSN Video: Unveils a new advertising model

MSN Video: Unveils a new advertising model

Microsoft today released its latest version of MSN® Video, offering advertisers an enhanced experience by improving the ability to find and discover premium and user-generated video content from the expansive MSN Video library.

The MSN library includes adding new community sharing features, and introducing a new time-based advertising delivery model.

MSN Video now also integrates Soapbox user-generated videos directly into the same easy-to-use destination, and enables people to search and browse the entire MSN Video catalog while concurrently watching a video in a split-screen format.

In addition, MSN Video users are now able to easily create playlists of their favorite videos and share them with friends.

"This latest release of MSN Video will make discovering, watching and sharing video easier and more entertaining than ever before," said Rob Bennett, general manager, entertainment, video and sports for MSN.

"By increasing the discoverability of our deep catalog, making it easier to share videos with friends, and improving the advertising model, we are continuing in our mission to make video an integral part of the MSN experience."

The advertising delivery model for MSN Video now delivers advertising based on the amount of time a viewer spends watching videos, instead of by the number of clips watched.

This improvement will provide a more predictable viewing experience and enable people to "channel surf" without being interrupted.

MSN users will now see pre-roll advertisements before the first video and then see additional advertisements no more than once every three minutes during their viewing session.

The new version of MSN Video is available today in the U.S. and in a beta version in more than 10 markets worldwide, including Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain and the U.K.

Over the next several months, MSN Video will be incorporated throughout all the MSN channels to creative a cohesive experience video experience throughout the portal.

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