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YouTube launches nonprofit program

YouTube launches nonprofit program

YouTube today announced the launch of its new nonprofit program; which will provide a valuable voice and also the potential for fund-raising. The YouTube blog commented -

"Does your nonprofit organization have a great story to tell? Do you want to connect with supporters online but don't have the money for expensive outreach campaigns? Or are you just looking for ways to do a bit of good in the world?

YouTube has been used by many nonprofits in their online advocacy campaigns, and today we make that process even easier with the launch of the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

If you're a nonprofit, you can apply for a designated "nonprofit" channel, which will include increased branding capabilities and video uploading capacity, rotation in the "promoted videos" areas on YouTube, and the option to embed a Google Checkout gadget on your channel to drive your online fundraising efforts - we'll even waive the transaction fees."

Bravo YouTube! it takes a lot of criticism in certain places but this proves its heart is in the right place!

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