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UK Retail Enjoys Sales Boom on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

cyber mondayThe traditionally American shopping phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday gave the UK’s online retailers a massive boost, according to data promoted by eConsultancy last week.

Analysts cite the continued rise in online holiday shopping, particularly mobile sales, as the reasons for the trend catching on with Brit shoppers.

For years now, Black Friday has been known as the day that Americans flood retail outlets to take advantage of early openings and cut price deals. Falling on the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is thought of as the beginning of the Christmas shopping period. The following Monday, or Cyber Monday has grown into the online shopping equivalent, since a blog was published in 2005 claiming that online retailers in the US saw massive spikes in business on the Monday after the holiday.

Now it seems the phenomenon has migrated across the Atlantic.

Retail sales from UK websites were almost ten times higher between Friday 29 November and Monday 2 December; thanks to an increase of almost five times as many visitors and a conversion rate increase of more than 75%.

Shopping online with mobile devices is expected to play a bigger role than ever in Christmas shopping statistics; particularly from tablets and smartphones. The rise of tablet shopping played a major role in Britain’s thanksgiving weekend spike; and was responsible for more than a quarter of total sales throughout the period. But smartphone shopping accounted for less than 10% of the surge.

Interestingly, on these shores Black Friday proved more profitable online than Cyber Monday. Online retailers in the UK welcomed over a fifth more visitors on the Friday than the Monday. Last year, figures showed the polar opposite, suggesting a change in the way modern consumers shop over the weekend in question.


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