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Value of Social Media Marketing: Twitter Revenue Per Visitor Up 300 Per Cent Year on Year

Twitter RevenueStats from Adobe’s first annual Social Media Intelligence Report show that Twitter has experienced the biggest rise in Revenue Per Visitor (RPV) of all of the major social networks over the last 12 months.

The figures show that Twitter has experienced a year-on-year RPV rise of 300 per cent, which is double that of its nearest rival, Pinterest, which has seen a RPV growth of 150 per cent in the last year.

Although Twitter and Pinterest are the big winners of 2013 for year-on-year RPV increases, Facebook remains the champion, with a RPV of $0.93, compared to Twitter’s $0.44 RPV and Pinterest’s $0.55 RPV.

When it comes to interacting with audiences on social networks, it seems that images are key to driving customer engagement. Use of images within social media posts has risen by eight per cent year-on-year, while posts with images produced the highest social engagement rates in the third quarter of 2013.

Andrew Adams, search executive at digital marketing specialists Hit Search, said: “Many companies will use Twitter as a very direct and visible customer service platform. There have been many cases where companies have come unstuck with their customers, but have fixed the problem in a very visual way, via Twitter. This has helped save them from getting egg on their face.

“Twitter is also good for leveraging audiences; it works well as a ready-made platform for contests, as images and videos are not only easy to post, but easy to view, especially on mobile devices, which can help to boost a brand’s mobile e-commerce revenue.”

Meanwhile, it seems that Facebook is becoming a more appealing advertising platform for brands, as the Social Media Intelligence Report shows that Facebook’s Cost Per Click (CPC) has fallen by 40 per cent year-on-year, while the Click Through Rate (CTR) of Facebook Ads is up by a massive 275 per cent.


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