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Google Expands In-Depth Articles Feature Within Its Search Results

logo google astro 1Google has updated the in-depth articles feature within its search results, the company has announced via a post on its Google+ page.

In-Depth Articles were first introduced by Google in August this year, and is designed to bring long-form content from trusted, high quality sources to the forefront of the search results. These articles will generally appear for broad themes and current topics, and will not be displayed for each and every search term.

The latest updates introduce more ways to view more in-depth articles from within the search results page.

Currently, the In-Depth Articles sit in a block within the centre of the search results page, and Google has now added a link at the bottom of the box to “More in-depth articles”, allowing users to search for more long-form content relating to their search query.

Additionally, there is now an Explore feature under each in-depth article listing. This launches a new keyword search to show more in-depth articles on the search topic.

Speaking about the feature when it was initially launched earlier this year, a Google spokesperson said: “Our goal is to surface the best in-depth articles from the entire web. In general our algorithms are looking for the highest quality in-depth articles, and if that’s on a local newspaper website or a personal blog, we’d like to surface it.”

The introduction of the In-Depth Articles feature by Google means it now pays for brands and websites to introduce more long-form content into their online marketing strategy. Producing this type of content will call out to users that you are a trusted source for knowledge within your particular sector, which will help to drive traffic to your site.


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