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Ofcom says Online Spending in the UK is up by 16% per Person

Online shoppingUK online shoppers spent 16% more per person in 2012 than in the previous year, says Ofcom, who recently published brand new figures on e-retail.

The data released by Ofcom shows that average online spend was £1,175 per person, compared to £1,017 the year before. The figure is also more than double the average spend per person of several other companies studied.

Ofcom claims that UK shoppers trust online retailers more than shoppers in other countries and have greater confidence in the security of these sites.

Research was based on data from IMRG, the industry association for online retailers.

The news comes just days after it was revealed that Great Britain enjoyed a great sales boom online over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Retailers from the UK enjoyed ten times better sales performance between the so called Black Friday and Cyber Monday retail days. This was a traditionally American phenomenon but now the UK has cottoned on.

This highlights the importance to UK retailers of not falling behind, or suffering what Andrew Hunt, Account Director at Hit Search called ‘the Blockbuster Effect’.

He said: "The latest research from Ofcom only reinforces the fact that retailers must embrace the online sphere in order to maximise success, or even ensure their survival.

"This week Blockbuster, the legendary video rental company announced that they would be closing the last of their UK branches, after failing to embrace online. Entertainment retailer, HMV, remains on unsteady ground and may suffer the same fate."


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