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Google Introduces Viewability Based Trading Service Across Ad Network

logo google astro 1Google has begun rolling out a new trading service across its display ad network, which lets advertisers pay only for impressions that are likely to be seen.

The viewability-based service has been available on reservation buys on the ad network for some time, but now Google has extended the feature to include the cost-per-mile (CPM) auctions around the world, across all devices.

For the first time, advertisers can now choose to pay for only the impressions where they think their ads have the most chance of being seen across Google’s ad network, which currently encompasses over two million websites.

Based on the Active View viewability measurement scale, Google’s Viewability Trading will base its prices on standards that stipulate at least 50 per cent of an ad must be visible on the user’s screen for at least one second.

Google can also provide advertisers with detailed reports on how many viewable impressions they receive for their campaigns.

James Beser, group product manager for Google, said in a blog post: “Making viewability a basis for buying, selling and measuring media can help transform the digital marketplace. With access to more meaningful metrics, brand advertisers can unleash their most creative campaigns, knowing they’ll have a chance to shine.

“And publishers will be able to more fairly value all of their inventory, not just those spots considered ‘above-the-fold’. We’ll continue to work with our partners in the months to come to make this a reality.”

More information about the Viewability-Based Ad Trading service is available via Google’s Help Center.


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