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A third of Boxing Day PPC conversions and revenue were made via by tablet

touching screen on tablet-pcA third of Boxing Day sales from UK retail paid search were made by tablet devices, demonstrating the growing popularity of mobile devices as we head into 2014.

This doesn’t change a great deal, since most PPC managers will know that last year’s major Google Adwords update coupled desktop and tablet ads together, but the news is still interesting as a sign of things to come.

Elizabeth McCarthy at Hit Search, however, reminds us that Boxing Day information will always be considerably different to the rest of the year.

She said: "History has taught us that Christmas PPC data is not representative of the rest of the retail year. For one thing, virtually nobody will be at their work computers on Boxing Day and for the rest of the year this is an important source of PPC traffic.

"Instead, these shoppers will have been buying from the comfort of their own home, using their tablets. In fact, we could go even further and assume that a reasonable amount of these tablets might actually have been Christmas gifts; making them the perfect thing for a Boxing Day splurge."

UK retailers enjoyed a productive Christmas through PPC, with ad revenue doubling year on year. Tablet devices brought in more than a third of conversions and a third of revenue too.

These retailers also stumped up for a 1,300% increase in spend on Product Listing Ads over the period. PLAs are now the default ad type for Google Shopping. The ads enjoyed a similarly high increase in click throughs and impressions.

It remains to be seen how big a role tablet plays in 2014 PPC traffic, but one thing is for sure. These devices aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.


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