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Lewis Moulds

Rap Genius returns to Google search for brand name – how to avoid their fate


rap-genius-logoMusic lyrics database Rap Genius has returned to the first page of Google Search results for the company brand name, just ten days after being penalised for unnatural linking practices. So how can you avoid their fate and, should worst come to worst, how do you bounce back as quickly as possible?

Rap Genius received more than a lump of coal in their stocking on Christmas Day, they wound up with a manual action notice from Google. The search giant accused the site of unnatural linking and this ultimately resulted in a penalty. The site has since worked to correct their issues, requesting that some people remove links to the site, while also disavowing others.

As a result, Rap Genius is visible in Google searches for brand and some lyrics searches, just ten days after being hit. Sceptics have argued that Rap Genius could ultimately benefit from their brief exile, given the additional publicity they have received in the interim.

For Andrew Adams, Search Executive at Hit Search, the best course of action is still to employ an ethical and above board link strategy; especially if your brand isn’t big or universal enough to survive without Google visibility.

He said: "Firstly, to avoid this kind of penalty the link schemes like those that Rap Genius were involved in need to be avoided at all costs. This older, outdated way of ‘gaming rankings’ is incredibly easy for Google to detect now, even without the publicity around their actions;, it’s only a matter of time before Google catches on to what is really going on.

"If this were to happen to your site the main thing to remember is to be transparent with Google from the very start. By getting links removed from the sites dealt with, where required using Google’s Disavow tool & documenting the process, you can start down the path to recovery from this kind of penalty."

Hit Search currently offers a comprehensive Google Recovery Service to help businesses transform their link building practices and content quality in order to meet the latest Google criteria. We endeavour to stay up to date with the very latest from Google and we’ll always relay the latest news and views from the search giant to you.

So stay up to date with the Hit Search blog for more on Google updates, penalties and winning strategies.

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