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Mobile Stats Added to Google Webmaster Tools – Data No Longer Rounded Up

google-webmaster-toolsAs mobile internet usage and e-retail continues to grow more and more important, Google Webmaster Tools will now offer mobile statistics, following an announcement from the search giant last week.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst, John Mueller, reported the arrival of mobile data via a post on the official Google Webmaster tools blog. He also revealed that the figures provided to users would no longer be rounded up. Instead, users will receive exact figures.

An all new mobile filter will show users queries where their m. pages were visible in SERPs on mobile browsers, and also queries where the search engine applied Skip Redirect; in other word, instances where search results displayed a desktop URL but the user was redirected to the m. version of the page. This is a significant change since these impressions were originally grouped together in the reporting infrastructure.

Now mobile data is more visible and accurate than ever before.

Mueller explained that these changes would become visible in the coming days. The real benefit of the update remains to be seen.

Stuart Brandwood, Search Executive at Hit Search, is one who definitely welcomes the changes.

He said: "After the loss of the keyword data from Google Analytics the Webmaster tools impression data became the first port of call for someone wanting to analyse exactly how their site was performing. Anything that makes this data more accurate is undoubtedly a huge positive development

"Another positive development is Google allowing webmasters who run a mobile-specific subdomain to view specific impression data. They report ‘Search Queries in Webmaster Tools just became more cohesive for those who manage a mobile site on a separate URL’ and this shows they are committed to giving webmasters who are genuinely working hard on their sites as much information as possible."

Stay tuned to the Hit Search blog for the latest news and views on all Google updates, along with help and advice for companies and search marketers everywhere.


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