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Lewis Moulds

Content is King: Tweaking Your Calls to Action Can Boost Your Conversion Rate


Leads to Sales ConversionYour call to action is one of the most vital aspects of your webpage; it draws the user into making a conversion. How you frame your CTA could be the difference between a conversion and an abandonment.

In a blog on Econsultancy last week, the importance of how you word your CTA was highlighted with a number of case studies.

One of those case studies involved the website of footwear retailer Schuh. They reworded their CTAs from “Buy now” to “Add to basket”, and found that the latter increased conversion rate by 17 per cent.

According to Stuart Mcmillan, Schuh’s deputy head of commerce, the “Buy now” CTA had a “loss aversion” effect on users, while the “Add to bag” CTA encouraged users to continue browsing without the worry of a lost order hanging over them.

However, a change in your call to action may not always be as profitable as you’d hoped.

Student website WriteWork tested their control CTA, “Read full essay now”, against an alternative version, “Get instant access now”. In this instance, the latter version resulted in a whopping 39 per cent drop in conversions.

The conclusion reached by this testing was that the new CTA, “Get instant access now”, only conveyed value, and did not demonstrate relevance, whereas the original CTA, “Read full essay now”, conveys both.

Your CTAs may be performing as well as they can, or a small change in wording can reap many more rewards for your business. The only way to know for sure is to perform regular A/B testing on your webpages, which will give you an accurate reflection of how well your CTAs are working for you.

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