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YouTube launches copyright fraud detection

YouTube launches copyright fraud detection

David King, YouTube Product Manager announced today that YouTubes content identification tools went into beta form, the system will be called YouTube Video Identification.

Video Identification joins the following policies and tools implemented by YouTube:

Our strict repeat-infringer policy, which has been in place since our launch, terminates accounts of repeat infringers based on DMCA notices.
We take a unique "hash" of every video removed for copyright infringement and block re-upload of that exact video file prospectively.
We require a 10-minute limit on the length of content uploaded to the site.
We provide content owners with an electronic notification and takedown tool, to help them more easily identify their material and notify us to take it down with the click of a mouse.
We also publish copyright tips for users in plain English and clear, prominent messaging at the time of user upload.

Like many of these other policies and tools, Video Identification goes above and beyond our legal responsibilities. It will help copyright holders identify their works on YouTube, and choose what they want done with their videos: whether to block, promote, or even - if a copyright holder chooses to license their content to appear on the site - monetize their videos.

These measures have been rushed out by YouTube in response to countless threats of legal action by media publishers who what to protect their own copyright material; YouTube would also like to be free of any copyrighted material before it could roll out any large scale advert system.

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