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Mobile browsing on the rise but so are abandoned baskets from mobile stores

online shoppingAs the world experiences a mobile browsing boom, online retailers are frantically optimising their sites to address the shift. But despite the fact that more people are using their smartphones and tablets to browse their favourite retailers, actual mobile conversion rates remain low.

Of course, that isn’t to say that a mobile optimised webstore isn’t a good idea. Conversion rates aren’t low because people aren’t using mobile sites. Conversion rates are low because a pattern has emerged whereby users are happy to browse on their smartphones and find the products that they are most interested in, only to purchase them on their laptop or desktop computer.

Low conversion rates, then, but extremely high basket abandonment rates. Data from a major remarketing provider has suggested that the basket abandonment rate on e-commerce for last month alone was 84%. The basket abandonment rate for desktop sessions over the same period was just 68%.

This highlights the usefulness of basket abandonment software, which can help an e-retailer to recover a sale that might otherwise be lost. Basket abandonment software tracks user activity on the site when a user enters the checkout process. If the user submits their contact details but leaves the site before checking out, they are issued a polite follow up email asking whether they need any help and inviting them back to the site to complete their purchase.

There is even the potential to offer a discount or voucher code as a further incentive.

Basket abandonment is extremely cost effective and for this reason is something of a no brainer. For more information on abandoned baskets and much more besides, give us a call on 0845 643 9289.


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