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Lewis Moulds

Google Receives Official Patent Document for Google Panda

It’s official: Google has been granted the patent for its much talked about algorithm update, Google Panda.

Since Panda was released in February 2011, it has affected the lives of every SEO and webmaster; and while the high profile victims of Google penalties have since recovered, due to the strength of their brand, others are still yet to regain the standing they once enjoyed.

The update has been one of the most controversial and talked about changes in the history of SEO and the latest chapter of the Google Panda story involves the US Patent Office.

Google has been awarded the patent for the Google Panda algorithm. This application was not filed until September 2012. Now, in March 2014, it has been granted. Fast work from the patent people!

Panda was written by Vladimir Ofitserov and Navneet Panda, hence the name. The patent document describes the algorithm as relying on two observations. It looks at the number of inbound links and the number of search queries made about a certain page or source.

Of course, simply holding a patent does not mean that the patent is in effect. Matt Cutts said as much after responding to the furore over another Google patent: the search quality or ranking patent. According to Head of Search Spam Cutts, the ranking documents patent is an example of a patent which is not active in the Google algorithm.

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