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Lee Glynn

Get Your Body Looking Good for Google

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A great header on a page can of course ensure you rank better on Google, thus encouraging increased click through rates, but it’s just as important to ensure your body of content is looking good too.

In a fun video posted by Google’s Matt Cutts here, the head of search spam’s body was cropped out to drive this point home.

Matt said: “It’s important to pay attention to the head of a document, but you should also pay attention to the body of a document. A lot of people get caught up in description, Meta keywords, thinking about all those kinds of things, but don’t just think about the head. Also think about the body (it) matters as well.”

The video highlights the importance of good content in the body of a page. Whereas some may think a great header or title tag is enough to rank on Google, it’s the genuinely useful information in your content that helps Google return a page to a user. It’s also worth noting that if the title tag or Meta data does not match the content, this can also cause Google problems.

Having informative, relevant and unique content on your site is essential to help Google present your page to search engine users that could potentially become new customers.

Andrew Adams, SEO executive at Hit Search highlights this importance: “The various traditional SEO tags on your website are still strong indicators about what the content on your pages relates to, but it’s still incredibly important to make sure your content reflects this as well.

We’ve even seen cases recently where Google doesn’t use your title tag for their search results – instead, choosing a relevant text snippet from the body/content of the site. So it’s more important than ever that your content is as up to scratch as the page titles, Meta descriptions and header tags on site.

Content doesn’t need to be big blocks of keyword-laden text either, to keep the reader’s interest it’s possible to include video and audio content as well as images & galleries that get your point across, keep the reader wanting to read on & become more engaged with your products and your brand.”

Make sure you’ve got the best content on your site to encourage increased visibility on Google by getting the experts in SEO and content marketing to handle your campaign. Talk to Hit Search today on 0845 643 9289.

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