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Lee Glynn

Don’t Flush Your Content Strategy Down the Blog


Blogs are extremely important tools in your content marketing ‘Toolbox’. Use them incorrectly and you risk the chance of missing opportunities to not only inform your visitors of services provided, but convert those visitors into regular customers.

There are excellent blogs out there for everything from fashion to taxidermy. Smart businesses in industries like retail, legal services and much more know that people will be searching for these services online at some point, so it’s vital that your website features content which fits the bill. That way, they don’t just find the information they’re looking for; they find you too.

Blogging not only increases online visibility through SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and helps search engines like Google (and others) offer your page up to users, but also demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about because A. Google listed you on the 1st page and B. You have fresh content and you’re leading the way in providing up to date information on your subject. This is the sort of winning combination that could make your website the go-to place for consumers.

Blogging isn’t just a way of expressing opinions anymore, or letting people know how you feel about something. It’s a valuable marketing tool.

That’s why we’re showing you 3 ways to improve your blog.

1. Get Those Keywords Right

If you run a garden centre specialising in gardening supplies, the last thing you want to write about in your blog is earrings. It’s important that people searching for ‘Gardening supplies’ see your page on Google. The best way to do that is blog about the latest trowel or gardening tools that you’ve acquired and offer a review on the subject. The more relevant keywords you use, the more search engines will find your page for a user.

2. Become a Thought Leader

Be the go-to place for people who want advice on your product or service. If you’re offering expert advice on anything from legal issues to customising your Star Wars figures, it’s important that you are seen as a thought leader. You know you can do a good job, and you know the subject matter well so that needs to come across in your content. People need to know exactly what to do if they break their leg at work or where to get that specific paint to turn their Stormtrooper into a Blackhole Trooper. Your SEO is increased because you’re blogging about it with keyword rich content that is up to date and people are seeing a more ‘lived in’ website, which they’re more likely to trust.

3. Don’t Go Overboard on SEO

Just because you sell a product doesn’t mean you have to pad out every sentence with keywords, as this can look ‘spammy’ and often turn people away. For example, if you’re selling drink bottles, there’s a huge difference between ‘ We sell drink bottles here for everyone who needs drink bottles, so if you need a drink bottle come and see us for your drink bottles’ and ‘Welcome to our store, the 1# online drink bottle vendor. We stock every type of drink bottle that you may need, everything from water bottles right down to camping bottles.’ In one sentence, you’ve informed people what you sell in an informative manner but kept it conversational and light, whilst increasing your SEO.

These are just 3 things to remember when writing your blog. The team at Hit Search know exactly how to optimise your page whilst maintaining your tone of voice. Whether you need something more conversational or need a more informative and professional tone, there’s always room to optimise your content. Contact the professional content marketers at Hit search on 0845 643 9289 today and see how they can help you

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