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Lee Glynn

A Little Birdy told me…


The grapevine, rumours, a little birdy told me… Word of mouth reputation is difficult to manage, but an online reputation can be moulded into a valuable tool.

A good online reputation is crucial in today’s world of bloggers, social media critics and internet users where anyone with a keyboard and an internet connection can make or break your brand.

We’ve all seen them – reviews on retail and hotel sites gushing about how great a product is or how friendly the hotel staff are, but we’ve also seen the dark side. Online reviews play a major part in conversion rates and our personal choices, because let’s face it; you’re not going to buy a screwdriver that everyone says falls apart as soon as you try and use it, or stay in a hotel where 9/10 people say the concierge sneezed on them on purpose, are you?

As the team at Hit Search get ready to launch their exciting new reputation management service, we're blogging about how important and how useful your online reputation is.

It’s a simple fact that a great online reputation means people are more likely to trust your brand and buy from you. A recent report from Harvard Business School even highlighted how just one more star on a company’s Yelp profile usually leads to a 5%-9% increase in revenue.

How you interact with customers online dictates how successful your brand will be. If you aren’t aware of what people are saying, ignore those bad comments on review sites, or respond badly like this prominent clothing company, you can damage your good name.

Hit Search are delighted to announce a new brand tracking service in the coming weeks that will give you the tools to manage your online reputation and help us work together to sculpt how you’re perceived online.

Introducing -Little Birdy.

We have developed a comprehensive, bespoke media monitoring service that indexes millions of pages, pulling back any reference to your brand and products. By scanning thousands of blogs, PR sites and social networks, a user can effectively see what people are saying about them and respond accordingly.

With the help of Little Birdy, Hit Search can work with you to respond to customer complaints or address any issues people may be having with your brand that you may or may not be aware of.

Customers who comment on your brand or blog about your services have put themselves out there, and are awaiting a response to their issue. Not responding to comments good or bad, or failing to address any customer concerns makes your customers feel like you just don’t care and will no doubt damage customer loyalty, this is why it’s vital you can see everything people are saying about you.

There is no restriction on the amount of mentions we collect, a subscriber to Little Birdy can effectively see how brand reputation has changed or is changing year on year and tailor marketing campaigns effectively.

Keep a lookout over the next few weeks for more information on our comprehensive reputation management service – Little Birdy, and keep checking our blogs and news section for more information on the importance of reputation management.

Call the experts at Hit Search on 0845 653 1435 if you would like to know more about our online marketing services.




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