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Lewis Moulds

The Other C-Word – Content Marketing is One Thing but Conversions Matter

elements and respective icons-33Now that link-building is a naughty word, many businesses and online marketers are focussing on content as the way to rule online. That might be true in a sense when it comes to driving traffic, but there is another C-word that matters so much more: conversion.

Driving traffic to your site is one thing, but if the site doesn’t perform properly and users don’t convert then you won’t make any money. Considering that most online marketing channels require a fair amount of spend to run in the first place this simply can’t happen. That’s why conversion rate optimisation is a must.

The key to conversion is locating a problem with your website and changing it for the better.

We’d like to provide a simple, best practice guide for making any website convert like crazy. We’d like to tell you that buttons should be a certain size or colour. We’d like to tell you that conversion points should be in a specific place on the page. The problem is we can’t, because just as every business is different, so are their sites and so are the things that work.

So how do I boost conversion and how do I know what will work for my site? The answer is: you have to do your homework.

There are a number of ways to research and review the performance of your site based on performance data and real human experience. The three most proven ways to review your sites conversion skills are as follows:

• Analytics

With Funnel Analysis we can analyse a user’s journey around the site and identify the exact point they dropped out of the conversion path. When patterns emerge, this can help us to build a plan of attack for conversion.

• Customer Experience Analysis

Using heatmapping software or retinal monitoring we can create a record of the way visitors use the site. We can show you where they look, where they place their mouse, where they scroll to and where they click. If your important sales messages and conversion points are being missed, it’s time to make a change.

• User Testing

One sure-fire way to uncover why people aren’t buying from your site is to ask them. With user testing we survey the responses of site users and discover why your site might be converting poorly and what we can do to try and change that.

As an internet based business, conversion should be at the top of your list of priorities. With Hit Search online marketing experts, you can guarantee to diagnose any user issues which might affect your site and eradicate them.

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