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Google Panda Wants Your Best Writers


Great content on your site, not just good content, is as important to Google as bamboo is to a panda. With version 4.0 of Google’s Panda algorithm now live, Matt Cutts, head of search spam at Google, says that the new update will help small businesses in the long run, as long as your content is of high quality.

Panda was originally rolled out to target sites with low quality content that may have been derivative, uninteresting or showed signs of content farming. As a result, a number of black-hat SEO technicians were penalised, but some small businesses were caught in the crossfire and lost their positions in search.

For small retailers it was especially hard, as the new algorithm meant that sites like Amazon were dominating search results, regardless of the fact smaller retailers were offering better prices. As small businesses were spending less time on content, Google Panda was reducing their online visibility.

In a previous video, Matt Cutts advised that businesses needed high quality content to ensure they ranked high on Google’s search results, and to escape the penalties associated with Google Panda.

Cutts suggested that sites needed to ensure they were producing high quality content to rank highly and advised that businesses produced content that was ‘the sort of thing people really enjoy. Content that was compelling and the sort of thing they’d love to read - that you might see in a magazine or in a book.’ He also stated that content should be something that ‘people would refer back to or send friends to.’

If you run a small business, it’s imperative your content is looking good. Aside from the fact people can spot spammy content from a mile away, and are less likely to trust your site because of it, Google Panda’s new 4.0 update now makes sure good quality content is ranked higher than those sites with duplicated or keyword-stuffed text.

Blogs are a valuable tool, not just for SEO purposes but for getting Google to point in your direction when a user searches for the services related to you.

If your business has a website, you need high quality content to make sure you’re seen online. Hit Search are the online marketing experts, specialising in great onsite content, to educate or entertain your visitors, thus increasing customer loyalty and conversion rate opportunities.

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