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Lee Glynn

Little Birdy and Google’s Right To Be Forgotten

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You may have read recently that a Spanish man won his ‘right to be forgotten’ as an EU court ruled that the search engine giant Google, were now required to remove ‘outdated’ and ‘irrelevant’ links that were potentially harming someone’s reputation.

In this particular case a man fought to have any links and news articles regarding the repossession of his home removed as it was hindering his work and private life. In response, Google fought against the case labelling it as ‘censorship’ but ultimately were forced to comply.

This meant that any links regarding the repossession of this man’s home had to be removed from Google search results, but not the internet completely.

The BBC stated that ‘Information will only disappear from searches made in Europe’ in their newest post and highlighted the trials Google are now facing.

This ‘right to be forgotten’ opened the floodgates, and as millions of people now thought they were able to try and manage their own reputation online, Google received millions of requests for removal notices.

In response to this, Google has now released a Right to be Forgotten form, where people can now submit information about which links they would like removed and provide identification so as to prove they are the person in question.

As Google have now given the public the ‘Right to be Forgotten’, Reputation Management has never been so important, as people can now effectively and within reason, remove damaging articles about themselves on Google.

It’s vital businesses and the public have the tools to manage their reputation online and find any of these potentially damaging articles and deal with them accordingly.

Unfortunately this can be a laborious and daunting task; trawling the internet for the right articles. Our very own reputation management software - Little Birdy does the hard work for you by indexing and searching through millions of pages, finding out what people are saying about you on the internet thus allowing you to deal with any issues quickly. This can be especially useful in finding links that you would want removed from Google.

This new ‘Right to be Forgotten’ ruling has indeed been a monumental step in effective reputation management, but if you don’t know what people are saying about you right across the internet, you could be missing some vital or seriously harmful links about your product.

By taking advantage of our new reputation management software Little Birdy, you have the tools to manage how you are perceived online.

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