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3 Things that Prospects want to see in your Content… and one is Empty Space

penn02Content, content, content; it seems like all that anybody wants to talk to me about lately is content.

You might say “Lew, you’re a content writer”, and you’re right, but that's not the only reason. The fact is that your content is more important to your site’s search strength and ability to drive traffic than ever before.

It also has another important function: conversion. It is your voice, your last chance to talk to your prospect before they leave or make a sale.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 3 things your prospects want to see.

1. Empty Space

No, we haven’t lost our minds. Keyword rich content is important, but nothing is more off-putting to your online shopper than one huge indigestible mess of words.

In the age of Twitter and Instagram, consumers don’t respond to a faceless concrete skyscraper of text. That’s why it is important to break up your product descriptions and other content into short, inviting paragraphs. Simply adding some paragraphs breaks could make the same text much more effective.

2. The Point

There is an art to being concise. One of the traps that small online businesses fall into is thinking “I can write, been doing it all my life, I can do my on site content”.

We actually couldn’t agree more that it is perfectly possible for businesses to write their own content. Plenty do so fantastically well. But some ramble on, using commas like super glue to plaster their various thoughts together into one incoherent sentence.

It is important that the writer ensures that somebody is able to proof read or edit the piece. Web users favour short, simple sentences which get to the point.

Never publish your very first draft. Truman Capote (pictured) said “I believe more in the scissors than I do in the pencil”. As far as I know, he didn’t write a lot of content for websites and e-business, but the lesson stands.

3. You

It doesn’t have to be funny, it doesn’t have to be controversial, but if you want readers to connect with your content, there has to be a little bit of you in there.

While Google bots are responsible for getting your site on Google, it’s good old human beings that buy your products or services. So no matter what industry you’re in or what products and services you’re trying to promote, the best content has that personal touch.

Nobody likes generic, keyword-stuffed content, not even the writer, so ask yourself what you’d tell a customer about your business to their face and try to work this sentiment and energy into your content.

Content, content, content; I’m still not sure I’ve written about it enough and I’ll be writing about it again in the future. It is essential that you fill your site with useful, keyword-rich content whether you call in the professionals or do it yourself.

Hopefully these little hints will help you to make a start.


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