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Lee Glynn

9 Tips To Help Your Social Marketing Campaign Win The World Cup

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The world cup is set to be the most tweeted event in history, so what are you doing to get involved?

Brazil’s Twitter director Guilherme Ribenboim has said the sheer volume of tweets sent out about the world cup is set to eclipse the record 150 million tweets about the London Olympic Games in 2012. With Twitter estimating that 90 per cent of their 255 million users around the world will watch the World Cup, official sponsors like Adidas and Coca Cola are capitalising on its reach by releasing some of their best advertising efforts.

Promoted tweets, YouTube videos, billboards – the world cup is everywhere and smart brands are reaping the benefits due to impressive social media campaigns.

Of course you don’t have to be an official sponsor to get involved in World Cup advertising campaigns – case in point being Twitter unlocking their hashflag feature, first seen in the 2010 tournament, which allows users to add a flag to their tweet by hashtagging a country code.

Social media is growing rapidly. Figures reported that 1.22 bn people were using some form of social media in 2011 and nearly 2 billion people are using it right now. Brands failing to use social media are missing out on huge demographics.

You should be asking yourself and your social media team these key questions:

1. What are you tracking? How are you defining success? Impressions? Sales? Signups? Retweets?

2. What metrics do you prioritise most?

3. Where has the increase in traffic come from? Leads? Calls? Is there a clear trackable path?

4. How has social media grown the brand?

5. How are you communicating and what type of communication occurs? Does it have an impact?

6. Attribution - How is social media influencing other channels? At what point and how can you increase that influence?

7. What is this activity costing your business? Are you making a return?

8. What is the strategy over the short, medium and long term?

9. What mistakes have you made and what formal feedback processes does your business have in place to improve performance?

You should constantly be re-evaluating your business’ social media strategy and finding out what’s working and what isn’t. Social media isn’t just a fun platform to tell your mates how annoyed you are that England missed a penalty in the World Cup, it’s a fantastic way to reach out to potential and existing clients.

If you feel that your business could benefit from an effective social media campaign through paid adverts or promoted tweets, or need any more information on best practices in using social media in your business strategy – call the experts today at Hit Search on 0845 643 9289.


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