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Lewis Moulds

M&S Online Sales Drop Highlights Importance of CRO during a New Site Launch

1234545_Marks_and_Spencer_Logo-460x219When Marks & Spencer revealed an 8.1% drop in sales over the first 13 weeks of 2014, it placed the blame squarely with its new site’s “settling in” period; thus highlighting the importance of CRO, before and after a big launch.

Overhauling an e-commerce, or lead generation site, can work wonders for an online business in the long run, but there are often teething problems to deal with once the site goes live. For one, Google has to effectively make sense of the new site; its content and infrastructure. This can lead to a temporary dip in visibility, and in turn traffic, which makes it all the more important to use the traffic that you do get as well as possible.

Marc Bolland, CEO of Marks said of the site’s performance: “We have seen a continued improvement in Clothing, although as anticipated the settling in of the new M&S.com site has had an impact on sales.”

M&S is big enough and established enough to cope with this size of a “settling in” period, if that is the contributing factor, but the question is: could a smaller brand, reliant upon web goals, fare the same?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a must for online businesses, at all times, but never more so than in the run up to a new site launch and the all-important weeks afterward. As an online marketing agency, conversion rate is at the core of what we do.

Hit Search Director Andy Donaldson explains: “The health and performance of a site is of paramount importance to our clients and indeed any digital marketing strategy…driving traffic is almost pointless without a greater understanding of site performance.”

If you are considering a new site, the M&S example shouldn’t put you off. As the influence of mobile browsing grows, you might require a site that is responsive and mobile optimised. With more people shopping online than ever before, freshening your site and importantly its conversion paths could land you a lot more business in the long run.

But don’t lose sight of why you need that site in the first place: to convert.

Talk to Hit Search today and find out how ongoing conversion rate optimisation services could help you to gain more from visitors to your site. All you have to do is call 0845 643 9289 today and talk to a member of the conversion team.

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