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149 Days – It’s Never Too Early for Search Marketers to Think about Christmas

santa-with-laptopThere are 149 full days to go until Christmas 2014. That’s 3,576 hours… but how many Google searches?

The answer is hundreds of thousands. Ok, that’s a massive drop off from the major e-commerce Christmas season which runs from September to December but it’s a lot more than zero.

It shows that it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas, in the online marketing game, but it could quickly become too late.

Google searches for Christmas related items in the toy, home and furniture industry doubled last year from August to September, so it’s important to have a Christmas strategy in place in time for the run-in.

All Christmas related search activity peaks in November but stays high thanks to last minute shoppers through December. It won’t surprise you to know that activity plummets in January, but the beaming July sunshine shouldn’t prevent you from giving some thought your yuletide marketing strategy.

eBay has revealed that in August 2013, almost three million searches on the site featured the word “Christmas”.

As we head into August, have you spared a thought for open-fire chestnuts, under-tree gifts and an online sales boom?

Why not give us a call today to discuss your internet marketing strategy for the Christmas run-in? We can explain how SEO, PPC, content and social can work together to drive traffic to your site and get it to convert.

All you have to do is call 0845 643 9289 for more information.


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