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Yahoo! answers questions on blocked domains

Yahoo! answers questions on blocked domains

Yahoo rolled out extra functionality to its Search Marketing Toolkit this week and have produced detailed clarification on how it can make your SEM campaign more effective.

"At its core, Blocked Domains is a tool to help give you more control over your traffic from your paid search and content match ads.

Claification - You can block up to 250 domains. This doesn't mean that there are exactly 250 domains that you should block, or that there are just 250 domains in our partner distribution network. It means that you have the option to block up to 250 domains of your choice. At this time, however, you may not block IP addresses, Yahoo! domains, or opt out of the Yahoo! partner distribution network as a whole.

Tips and Tools - Getting back to Blocked Domains, there are some sites, such as those of your competition, that you may want to block for obvious reasons. You may also want to keep your ads from appearing on sites that you know won't appeal to your prospective customers, or on those with which you do not want your brand associated.

To determine which sites or pages may not be performing the way you want based on your business goals, you should review the data from your web server logs, account reports and other account data."

Put it simply its a feature that advertisers have been asking Yahoo! for, for a number of years and finally its here and gives your advertisers greater control of where you want your adverts to be placed.

If you would like to know how Yahoo PPC can help your Online Marketing Campaign then contact HitSearch and see how we can help your business grow. Remember, its a big world outthere, make sure you become visible.

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