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5 reasons why Yahoo WILL win more marketshare in 2008

5 reasons why Yahoo WILL win more marketshare in 2008

Yahoo!'s financial numbers this week have been given rather lukewarm response from analysts and investors alike; however I believe 2008 will see a rising Yahoo win back significant marketshare from Google.

5 reasons why Yahoo will boom in 2008 are -

(1) Yahoo!'s search algorithm is the best its been; and the rate its growing and quality its producing; it will match Google for quality by the end of 2008. People who work in SEO tend to notice the quality of a search algorithm a long time before your typically user

(2) Yahoo! Answers moves onto mobile with OneSearch; and continues its 50% year-on-year growth; Answers and becomes its own revenue stream.

(3) For the past month Yahoo! has focused on improving the click quality of its content network; this leads to increasing conversions and distribution; this leads to happier advertisers.

(4) The New Yahoo! PPC system tweaks make placing adverts on the network a lot easier.

(5) Yahoo is looking to buy a content; (its been touting it for too long now) adding to Yahoo! Answers it now controls two major advert distribution networks.

Ok the last one may seem a little far-fetched at the moment! but Google can not underestimate the emergence of Yahoo! search engine and it should be interesting to see how it pans out in 2008!

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