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Lewis Moulds

Star Ratings are coming to Product Listing Ads, but what are PLA’s anyway?

ratings_1407294Big news this week in Pay Per Click advertising is that customer ratings and reviews are now officially rolling out on Product Listing Ads in the US, with the UK set to follow is a few weeks time.

If you’re using PLA’s to drive traffic to your online store products this update is likely to be influential. If you’re not using PLA’s you really should be!

Product Listing Ads are something of a no-brainer for e-commerce stores. These highly visual postings have offer great engagement with users and they’re cost effective for the company since users can browse products and compare prices with other retailers before clicking through the ad and incurring any cost for the business.

As if that wasn’t enough, the users that do click through are a highly targeted quality of traffic; shoppers that have searched for a product via keyword, or browsed Google Shopping, seen your ad and chosen to visit the site. They’re interested and there is a very good chance they’ll convert.

On average, cost per click on a PLA campaign comes in at 50% lower than standard text ads, although the more competitive the space becomes the higher it stands to get. The message for e-retail marketers is Product Listing Ads have to be a part of your strategy. Now, they’re set to get even more useful to customers.

Coming soon to UK Product Listing Ads is a five star rating system. Retailers who target the US have until October to share their review data with Google, if they’d like those reviews to appear on their ads. Ratings can be shared directly or via an approved third party review service.

Google has already revealed plans to roll this out in other territories over the coming months.

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