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Hit Search Top 5 #SEOtip Round Up

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Welcome to the Hit Search #SEOtip of the day round up – where we compile 5 of our best #SEOtip tweets, spanning everything from CRO to Content Marketing. Join us on Twitter here to get involved in the conversation and make sure you follow us for the very best in online marketing insight.

Without delay – here are our top 5 tips!

  1. #CROtip - Encourage users to leave product reviews

Product reviews are a fantastic way of getting customers to engage with your site and also a sure fire way to increase trust. If potential customers see that other people have bought from you and have had a positive experience, they’re more likely to convert.

  1. #SEOtip - It’s best to keep meta descriptions between 150-160 characters. Search engines cut them off after 160.

Keep it short and sweet. Target your key phrases carefully and give users the information they need.

  1. #CROtip - Use site search on your website, it’s a great way for users to find content & it can be tracked in Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is easy to set up and provides some great insight into customer journey. Analytics also helps you identify any trends and some of the most common queries.

  1. #ContentTip - Spell check, spell check, splel check - the smallest mistakes make your busineess look unprofessional.

See what we did there?

  1. #CROtip - Personas identify exactly who you want to target.

Target everyone and you target no-one. Understand your customers by creating personas and create a structured campaign.

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