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Google print ads program expands reach

Google print ads program expands reach

Hoy, Tribune Company's daily Spanish-language newspaper in Chicago and Los Angeles, announced today that it is participating in the Google Print Ads program, becoming the first Spanish-language publication to participate.

More than 600 English-language newspapers already take part in the program.

Joining Google's Print Ads program continues the company's strategic efforts to provide advertisers with more ways to extend their influence to the fast-growing U.S. Hispanic population, while increasing ad revenue for the paper.

"We're excited Hoy will be the first Spanish language daily to partner with Google," said Anne Kelly, vice president of advertising for Hoy.

"This is a great way for us to help more advertisers reach an important segment of the Hispanic marketplace."

Google Print Ads enable advertisers to easily create, purchase and run traditional print newspaper ads from a single online interface in newspapers across the United States.

Combined with Hoy Chicago's recent expansion to suburban markets, the alliance promises marketers an even wider audience in the Chicago and Los Angeles metros.

Google Print Ads makes this process simpler by allowing advertisers to choose when the ad should run in a participating publication and then offering a bid per insertion.

The publisher reviews the bid and can either approve, decline or negotiate the offers. A new feature, print ads creation marketplace, allows small advertisers the ability to easily create their newspaper ads online.

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