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What’s That Coming over the Hill? Is it a Google Penguin Update?

Baby-PenguinGoogle has revealed that a refresh of the Penguin algorithm could arrive as early as next week and even went as far as to say it would be a “delight” for many.

Gary Illyes, Google’s Webmaster Trends Analyst and Search Quality Engineer revealed the news at Search Marketing Expo East. He also explained that the long-awaited update would be a large re-write of the algorithm. So what can we expect to see?

According to Illyes, webmasters can expect the new look Penguin to make their lives “easier a bit”.

That’s good news for the SEO community; but there was bad news for anybody who’d disavowed links in the past fortnight. Those changes would have been too late to make the cut.

Fortunately, Google Penguin refreshes can now be expected more frequently. What took so long the last time?

Apparently, Google could have made updates to Penguin more frequently but opted for a different approach. In a bid to make users and webmasters as happy as possible, Team Google took their time and made sure that the update that was as good as possible.

Now, we’re getting the slow-cooked version. Here’s hoping it doesn’t leave a bitter taste in our mouths.

David Cobourne, SEO Executive here at Hit Search, knows that talk of a Google update can send a chill up a webmaster’s spine. He said: “Webmasters who have been punished by previous Penguin updates are eagerly awaiting to see if all their work in cleaning up backlink profiles will result in a bounce back in the rankings with the new Penguin update.

“However whenever there is a winner in the SERPs there is always a loser and, as ever with Penguin updates, those who have been building links in unethical ways will be having a few sleepless nights!”

Google says the next generation Penguin update could launch next week but that will still depend on testing. In reality, it could arrive later. Are you ready for an update, and how big a change do you think it will be?


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