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Dynamic Retargeting on Facebook: Hit Search Likes This

897px-Facebook_like_thumbWe’ve spoken a lot here on the Hit Search blog about the power of retargeting, and if you’re working on a retail site, it’s something you should already know plenty about.

But are you getting as much from a retargeting campaign as you could?

That’s the big question, and if you’re not using Facebook, the answer is probably “no”.

What is Dynamic Retargeting?

First things first, let’s cover the basics. You can drive traffic to your site from search links and display ads but that doesn’t guarantee that every visitor will pick something up. In fact, only around 2% of site traffic will actually convert.

Retargeting helps you to get more from the other 98%, by following visitors to other sites and placing display ads in front of them. With dynamic retargeting, those ads can even feature the products a user browsed or added to basket.

It’s an incredible development…and it works. We’ve already recovered thousands of pounds in potentially lost revenue for clients, through retargeting. Now a good thing has gotten even better thanks to Facebook.

Dynamic retargeting on Facebook allows e-retail brands to create unique and personalised adverts which inspire users to head back to their site and convert.

How does it Work?

If you’re going to create dynamic Facebook ads, you’re going to need the Google Merchant Centre and an up to date product feed. Put simply, a product feed is an automated and up to date export of all the products sold through the site.

Once you have an up to date product feed, you’ll need to track the visitors to your site with pixels or tracking tags. These tags or pixels should be placed on every page of your site and they will collect data on the browsing activity of these visitors.

Combining user data with an up to date product feed, we can build dynamic ads and give the most compelling pitch possible to your previous visitors.

Later this week, we’ll be publishing some tips for making the best possible dynamic ads. You’ll find them right here on the Hit Search blog.

Want to learn more about dynamic remarketing through Facebook? Why not give us a call on 0800 643 9289.


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