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The new Google Penguin 3.0 update has arrived – what does that mean for you?


Google has confirmed the rollout of their newest Penguin update, which began on 17th October, has since affected 1% of queries.

The question everyone is asking – what does this mean for me?

If you’ve been implementing an ethical backlink strategy and ‘white hat’ tactics, chances are your site will not see any negative effects, but if you’ve been paying for links on websites designed solely for link building it might be time to start panicking.

The Penguin algorithm was designed to tackle sites with poor backlink profiles; basically those sites linking from spammy websites, and has been slowly working to reward those using ethical SEO strategies.

Since the last update in October 2013, some sites have been scrambling desperately to disavow unscrupulous backlinks with the intention of climbing the rankings in Google when it launched the new Penguin algorithm update. However seeing as this new update has been a year in the making, some have had to wait until now to be freed from its clutches.

Google spokesperson Pierre Far has said Penguin will be completely rolled out in a “few weeks” as it is still in its early stages. Due to this multi-week implementation of the algorithm sites may or may not see an instant effect, so understandably, those who have had to make changes like removing spammy links are facing a nail biting few weeks.

It’s worth noting that those who have disavowed links within the three weeks before the roll out were too late to escape Penguin’s net. If you have been caught, you’ll have to wait until the next update.

For those taking a best practice approach to organic search, chances are you’re visibility will increase, for those still using Black Hat tactics, be afraid, be very afraid…

Hit Search are the online marketing experts, specialising in ethical SEO strategies that not only help protect your site from losing out when updates arrive, but increasing your visibility and awareness and conversions. If you’ve been hit by Google Penguin or even Google Panda, contact us today…it’s not too late to improve your rankings.

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