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Programmatic Display Buying Explained

For some months now, the latest Digital Marketing spends seem to be rolling towards Programmatic Display Buying. But why and what is all the hype about?

This short 'ask the agency' article has been put together to dispel the myths and get right to the point...

What is the difference between 'normal' display buying and 'Programmatic Display Buying?'

The difference is in two main areas, targeting and the way we actually buy the inventory.

Targeting - Programmatic Display Buying another way around reads 'buying display inventory via a program.' That is essentially what it is. The program is a collection of algorithms and coding that follows and records user journeys around the internet mapping their every move - including visits to your website. This data is combined with any profile and demographic information that is available from users' various logins and registration points across their internet journey. The programs' advanced data records can then be used to pick out your 'ideal customer' and target only them wherever they are, whenever we want. This additional measurability has reduced waste and allowed impressive ROI figures as a result. Hence the hype about this channel right now...

How we buy the inventory is also different. Through normal display buying the CPM (cost per thousand) is agreed up front with the media owner / network and then we buy a volume of agreed impressions across an agreed 'flight date' across a specific site or sites. However, through using the above program we can 'bid' for impressions ONLY from your identified audience, on a 'real-time' basis. So essentially the program tells us where your audience are and then automatically enters us into a real-time auction where we can bid to buy these impressions. This happens very quickly but is a great way to ensure there is little waste in this form of advertising to an audience that may not be right for your products / service.

A large section of our retail client base are now using this method of Display Advertising and getting some VERY impressive results. If you would like more information then drop us a line and we'll be more than happy to talk you through how it would work for you.


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