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A Buyers Guide To Mobile Marketing


It seems every year since 2005, the Digital Marketing industry hails 'this year to be the year of mobile,' with 2014 no exception. But based on spend alone, for 2014 this does indeed seem to be the case. This is what the IAB had to say earlier this year:-

"Video advertising on the internet and mobile phones grew by 59% year-on-year to £202 million in the first half of 2014. Mobile video advertising, alone, grew 196% to £63.9 million and is now the fastest growing digital ad format...."

So if we take this as read and more and more advertisers are choosing to engaging with their audience via mobile marketing, where does an advertiser start?


Let's start with a look at the media owners. In 2013 the major mobile phone operators got together and formed a joint venture called WEVE. WEVE combined cross network data from mobile phone contracts for millions of register users. This essentially attracted huge advertisers based on the ability to closely target an audience based on detailed cross network data available that would ensure an advert reaches its desired audience with a very high degree of accuracy.

Likewise Google's acquisition of YouTube some time earlier allows mass audiences to be reached for fairly low levels of ad spend when compared to the same visibility gained across traditional press, radio and TV. Our increasing preference to consume graphical and video led media, when combined with the high speed of networks including 4G, has meant mobile is a platform that is now living up to the hype.

What's all this targeting about?

As mentioned above, targeting accuracy has been a key driver in mobile ad spend revenue growth. To give you an example, here is just some of the detail you can target your campaigns by:-

  • Age
  • Male / Female
  • Location (using phones GPS)
  • Frequency you leave the country
  • Length of commute

...and further assumed data based on your mobile browsing:-


  • Interests
  • Site visit frequency
  • Type of websites visited


As an example, you could target business travellers that frequently travel abroad who are females between the age of 25 - 30 who spend a large part of their browsing history on fashion websites.


18 - 22 males in and around the major university campuses who are very interested in sports and gaming.

The opportunities are indeed endless.

Why does it work so well?

The success of this medium is driven by the way we use our mobile. Think about your household and how many within it share a TV, laptop, desktop or other media? Probably quite a lot share right? Now think about the age demographic sharing the TV, laptop, desktop etc? It could be a child aged 10 and a grandparent aged 80. As an advertiser, how can you determine the difference here for targeting purposes? Now think about your mobile phone....how many share your mobile phone? Chances are that the answer to the will be nobody...That is why mobile marketing is such a highly targeted advertising medium - you know to a much greater accuracy that the person seeing your ads is the person that is on the mobile phone contact...and therefore your target audience.

What does the user see when they are served an ad?

Essentially the ad formats are as follows:-


  • Small banners
  • SMS messages
  • MMS messages


With a visual medium, the creative needs to be thought through well. Essentially it is a display advertising medium and therefore banners work the same and the tracking of each campaign is similar too. So if you are used to online display planning and buying, then mobile planning and buying is not too dissimilar.

How do you start?

Give us a call. We have direct access to WEVE along with detailed planning tools that tell us where your audience are and how to reach them! This medium is very popular with our retail clients and will see our revenues grow in this area rapidly over the next 6 months.


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