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Google’s Matt Cutts Still Hasn’t Found What He’s Looking For


Google’s head of web spam has extended his leave into 2015, stating that web spam fighting is running perfectly fine without him.

Does this mean the systematic destruction of unethical link builders has worked? Is Matt Cutts simply soul searching? Can we get any more search related puns into this article?

In a note added to his original blog post from July, the 14 year veteran at Google stated that he would be extending his time away from the search engine giant:

“When I went on leave, I wanted to see how webspam would go without me. I’ve been talking to people on both the algorithmic and manual webspam teams during my leave, and they’ve been doing a top-notch job. So I’m planning on extending my leave into 2015.”

The face of Google originally stated that he would only be taking leave until the end of October, but now it would seem it is unclear as to whether he will return at all. If the Google rock star does return, will he take up the same post?

If the web spam team is in fact running smoothly without their captain, does this mean that Matt Cutt’s job is done?

SEO expert at Hit Search Stuart Brandwood offers insight:

“We can possibly judge this as a statement that Google are satisfied with their anti linkspam algorithm and the systems they put in place to back this up. I don’t think for a second that they presume the job is done but it possibly points to Google not taking the campaign forward in any major way in the immediacy.

However, the fight against unethical link building is on-going. This is why we implement ethical organic SEO strategies to help keep websites falling victim of Google updates.”

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