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Can Fashion & Retail ‘challenger’ brands compete using TV?

The short answer is yes!


But surely the minimum budget is tens of thousands of pounds right?

Wrong. 12 months ago, Sky AdSmart was created with a vision to blend the close targeting and measurability of Digital Marketing with the audience reach, branding and awareness driving mechanisms of the TV medium.

So how does it work?

You will need a piece of video creative shooting and producing that meets certain 'TV' standards. Once this has been put together, you just need to identify your audience in terms of the following key metrics:-


  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Lifestyle statements
  • Social Demographic


...and then Sky AdSmart will match this to the viewing public and display your ads accordingly!

So how does Sky AdSmart work?

It works by combining both 1st party data from your Sky+ box with 3rd party data from Experian. Combined, this can give some very accurate targeting of your audience with much less 'waste' than standard TV ads.

In terms of cost, advertising fees for a 2 month campaign including the creation of the video Ad 'can' be less than £10,000 - which if anybody knows the traditional advertising space, they'll know is a steal!

I get it...they are selling off the advertising space that some of the cheaper network sites can't shift - right?

Wrong again! As long as the AdSmart system deems your audience Age, Gender, Location e.t.c is in front of the TV when the Game of Thrones is on - you'll be in between the ads during Game of Thrones!!!

Once the system has identified the target audience, they'll serve the ad as a replacement of the national advert. For example, let's say that the second advert in between Modern Family was due to be a Pampers advert. If the Sky AdSmart system has identified the chosen target audience, then the Pampers advert will be replaced by your ad! Simple.

Are there any draw backs?

As with any advertising medium, there are a few things to bear in mind:-


  • Cost - Video production can be expensive to shoot and produce depending on what you require
  • There will be some 'waste' because targeting cannot 'see' who is viewing the TV at any given time. You could be the targeted person but your 16 year old son is the person who is watching the TV at that point. (spot the critical Digital Marketeers ;)
  • Tracking results. With most Digital Marketing channels being cookie based and therefore pretty easy to track down to a sale, you'll need to bear in mind that in this case, that won't be possible. However, you can track phone calls from the ad AND place some fundamental tracking measurements in place around the flight dates of your campaign.


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