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Google's awesome indexing power

Google's awesome indexing power

25 October 2007 - Google is without doubt the biggest and the best search engine that there has ever been and one of the main reasons why it is its speed of finding new pages of copy.

The quicker Google can find newly created pages; the quicker the index grows and the more content it has to show its user.

Hence the more content the happy the search engine user! A typical example of how quick your website could and possible should be indexing your content is demonstrated below.

Google Indexing

HitSearch produced an article on Facebook and Microsoft and Google earlier on today and Google managed to detect the article and store in its databaser in just 13 minutes! The same article is unlikely to be indexed on Yahoo, MSN or ASK for at least a couple of days. Proof if proof were needed that the Google Search Engine is way ahead of its competitors.

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