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Winter Plunder-land – The UK Will Spend £17 Billion Online This Christmas

Beautiful woman shopping online for Christmas.The Centre of Retail Research has predicted a bumper Christmas for online shopping in the UK, with almost a quarter of Christmas buys made this year to come from online.

According to the findings, Brits would spend more than £17 billion online this Christmas, and more than £74 billion in total. That makes the UK the biggest spenders in Europe, followed by Germany with £61 billion and France with a meagre £55 billion.

That means the average British household is going to spend around £775 this Christmas and more of that sum than ever is going to be spend online.

Ecommerce will account for more than 23% of Christmas shopping bills in 2014 and that’s an increase of more than 20%.

Another interesting insight is the device of choice for all of this internet spending. Just £5 billion from more £17 billion spent online will be parted with from a mobile device, suggested that the true age of mobile is still around the corner rather than truly upon us.

Little more than £2 billion will be spent via tablets according to the data, while £3 billion will be spent on smartphones.

So is this the end for the bricks and mortar Christmas shop? Not yet. Traditional Christmas sales are expected to be down, but only by 2.1%.

Maybe it’s the promise of mulled wine and German sausages or simply old habits dying hard but generous Brit shoppers are still expected to clog up the high street this year and they’ll be spending a lot. The bigger news, perhaps, is how much they’ll be spending online too.


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