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Grazia Shop – Buying or Just Browsing?

Launched on 11th November www.graziashop.com is the next step in Grazia’s digital journey – here’s what Rushell Clarke, Marketing and Communications Director at Hit Search has to say.


“As a fairly regular reader of Grazia magazine, and as a digital marketing professional, I was fascinated to see Grazia launch an online shop completely separate from its well established Grazia Daily site last month. The site positions itself alongside Grazia Daily as an “…ecommerce site full of all the fashion fairydust you would hope for”. Sounds good to me!

I’m a traditionalist when it’s comes to my glossy weeklies – I love the feel of the shiny cover and turning the pages as I relax on my sofa with a hard earned glass of wine and a bar of chocolate. But familiarising myself more thoroughly with Grazia Daily, I’m starting to wonder why I buy the magazine; it has a lot of content on there. Having said that, it is frustrating that I sometimes forget I can’t zoom in, click or scroll on the images…

So what does the Shop bring me that the Daily site doesn’t?

Well, one of my favourite features is the ‘10 lust-haves of the week’. A real mix of shiny new designer goodies that range in product type, price and style, and does a great job of awakening my desire buy the lot! In the magazine, this is a one pager with a small picture, designer details, price and website address of where to buy.

On Grazia Shop, the feature is presented in a similar layout but I have to click on the item image or ‘shop now’ to see the price, which is really disappointing. Once I have clicked I then see the ecommerce interface, which is strikingly different to the lust-list page. This is the first sign I see where, it seems, the ecommerce system is limiting the ability to present the more traditional print layout, that fans like myself are so familiar with.

Having said that the site does have some really nice features that not only act as shopping inspiration, but also let you get to know some of the feature writers as well. Grazify yourself this week is a great piece of content by Hannah Almassi, UK Fashion Editor, combining the standard editorial and great photography you’d expect from Grazia, with video content and direct links to the products featured. This is where the site really manages to combine the editorial feel of the magazine with the convenience of the online shopping experience to drive conversions – I’d love to see the CRO stats on this!

Beauty is a big part of the magazine; it seems to make up at least 25% of the weekly content, so I’m left wondering if we might see a cosmetics product drop any time soon. There is also a real disconnect between the Grazia Daily and Grazia Shop sites, with a lot of content on the Daily site that looks like it could be linked back to the Shop but isn’t. This may be deliberate, with Grazia Daily conscious not to be seen to be too pushy with the ecommerce site, or it could be the logistics were just too much for launch.

We all know the publishing industry has struggled to deliver an alternative to traditional print, but it does seem that the pubic are slowly catching on to paid digital subscription and supporting that with a sister eCommerce site seems like a natural next step. It will be interesting to see how long it is before the other fashion focused weeklies start to follow suit."


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