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BEBO points the way in mobile social networking

BEBO points the way in mobile social networking

UK mobile provide Orange today announced that their customers will be able to access unlimited BEBO from there mobile for only 3 GBP a month.

The system will allow Orange customers to sign up for a "Bebo Extra" account which offers unlimited mobile access to Bebo.com and enables them to send comments by text message directly to their friends' profile, receive immediate text message profile notifications and send Bebo Mails via text for just 3 GBP a month.

Katrien Barrat, Director of Multimedia and Convergence, Orange UK said: "Our customers can now use social networking when and where they want it, through their mobile at an affordable and clear price.

The great thing with Bebo mobile is that we have found one more way to change our customers' mobiles from a one-to-one communication device to a complete social networking tool, enabling people to engage in conversations, discover new interests and express themselves in a completely new way."

Social Networking enables people to build stronger connections with the people around them and the things that they love, whilst discovering new avenues for self-expression.

Ziv Navoth, VP Marketing & Business Development, Bebo said: "Bebo users spend more time on Bebo than on any other website, but until today, logging off from the Internet also meant logging out of your network.

Our partnership with Orange changes this, helping our users to interact and stay in touch regardless of where they are. For an audience that is regularly consuming SMS and MMS, mobile is the next step to extend the Bebo experience and is part of our ongoing strategy to increase engagement and build a loyal user base."

The recent development's between Facebook and Microsoft has somewhat hidden this pioneering deal from the media and show exactly where the social media market is heading.

The future of social media and mobile marketing is becoming closer and closer each day.

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