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Hit Search take part in the 34th SGAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Hit Search will be providing attendees of this year’s SGAI International conference with valuable insight into the importance of brand reputation tracking.

Delegates from Hit Search and the University of Liverpool will be discussing their collaboration on Little Birdy, the online brand tracking program that uses a form of artificial intelligence to scour thousands of pages across the internet and collect mentions of a user’s chosen brand or phrase.

The leading conference, which runs from the 9-11 December 2014 will attract representatives from across the globe and see them taking part in workshops and discussions regarding AI for Data Mining, AI in Medical Imaging, Fundamentals of Hyper-heuristics, plus the nineteenth UK CBR Workshop, all held in the beautiful surroundings of Peterhouse College in Cambridge.

Dr Ayesh Alshukri, lead developer on Little Birdy along with his peers from the University of Liverpool, Prof Frans Coenen, Yang Li and Dr Prudence W.H. Wongwill as well as fellow Little Birdy founder and Director at Hit Search Andrew Redfern will help present part of the document to be published in the proceedings of the conference describing the importance of Little Birdy and the impact online reputation can have on brands.

The team will also discuss the impetus behind the construction of Little Birdy and it’s first “flight” into the world of reputation management when it was used to collect data on the popular show Britain’s Got Talent’ .

An example of the framework is pictured below:

RM example



Dr Ayesh Alshukri commented:

"I am delighted to have the opportunity to present our work and discuss cutting edge research at this conference."

For those wishing to attend the conference, tickets can be found here.

As we have frequently discussed, positive “word of mouth” recommendations online, especially through the likes of user generated content such as social media, review sites and blogs play a huge part in the success of a brand, just as the negative can have a devastating effect, thus the need for an effective reputation management program is paramount should brands want to succeed.

For more information on brand tracking or to speak with an expert about how Little Birdy gives users and brands the tool to manage their reputation online, contact us today on 0845 643 9289.




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