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Google Penguin Strikes Back

evil penguin

Google’s unofficial promise to keep from rolling out ranking algorithm updates over the festive period seems to have been scrapped as a myriad of Penguin updates have been coming thick and fast.

As we all know, Penguin is Google’s strongest defence against spam, and one that can make your wildest dreams come true or crush them in an instant... ok that may be a bit melodramatic but Penguin definitely has an affect, whether positive or negative. Those site owners with an excess of spammy links that have been penalised in the past have (hopefully) tried their best to clean up or disavow unscrupulous links before a new Penguin update was put into place or face falling into obscurity. Those whom have successfully cleaned up their act should have seen a benefit since the October Penguin update, enjoying a higher ranking.

As a Penguin update is usually only ever rolled out once a year, users have had to wait out the 12 months before they see any benefit, but now it would seem Penguin has been busy looking at sites over the holiday period, especially around Thanksgiving Day according to Search Engine Land.

The Google Penguin 3.0 update has had 4 updates since October, 3 of them fairly major. The first was on Nov 27, with the more recent updates following on thick and fast on Dec 2, 5 & 6. However these are not confirmed by Google and arte based on results by an independent study.

SEO executive David Cobourne considers the new Penguin update:

“The difficulty that webmasters have when these updates take place in such close proximity is to judge which update they have been affected by, either positive or negative.

As Google have been making these updates in such a rapid fire way we feel it is best to view these updates in their entirety rather than individually. Essentially they are all driving webmasters to behave in a certain way, "Live by our rules or you are toast!"

As ever with Google bad news for some is good news for others, in particular a legal client of ours who has been waiting all year for a Penguin update have just had a huge 72% boost in Search traffic from September to November because of the Penguin 3.0 updates.

We knew that they would get a boost from Google as we always see some legal companies bite the dust during Penguin updates, just a pity it took Google a year until 3.0 so it’s now refreshing to see Google updating its algorithm more frequently”

If you think you have been hit by Penguin, want to know if Penguin has affected your site or would like more information on how best to escape Penguin’s clutches, contact an expert today on 0845 643 9289.


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