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Lee Glynn

Twitter Now Offering New Mobile Targeting Options

Twitter blog

Twitter increases its reach to mobile users by offering advertisers the opportunity to target customers via their mobile carrier and those with new devices.

In addition to its already impressive range of targeting options which includes the ability to target users by OS, mobile device and even Wi-Fi connectivity, Twitter is providing fantastic opportunities for those who want to target a specific demographic.

These new targeting parameters are now available in 35 countries and will be open to Ads API partners shortly, based on a blog post by Twitter.

Twitter highlighted how mobile carrier targeting can be used, stating:

  • Mobile carriers. If you’re a mobile carrier, you can easily create a loyalty campaign on Twitter by targeting only your customers, and excluding those using other carriers. You can also create an effective customer acquisition campaign by targeting all users except those who already subscribe to your service.
  • Mobile manufacturers and app marketers. These marketers can create custom content tailored to people based on their carrier to drive improved performance.
  • Other verticals. Advertisers across verticals can create carrier-targeted campaigns that align with their preferred demographic. For example, a CPG brand that knows that users of a certain carrier are more likely to be interested in their product can target those users exclusively to optimize campaign efficiency.

This new way of targeting can be used by advertisers to direct customers to certain promotional offers as well as those who have recently bought devices. Knowing that someone has just bought a mobile or tablet is a valuable tool in your marketing arsenal, should you want to advertise new products and services or brand new apps optimised for the latest OS system. This new feature combined with keyword and interest targeting is a great step forward for those wanting an even more relevant targeting option.

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